Cannes weekend approaches!

Let me talk about the some films that premiered on Cannes Day 2:

Korea’s HOUSEMAID  (directed by IM Sang-soo, starring JEON Do-yeon)

What Jini knows: that it’s a remake from 1960s Korean film by KIM Ki-young (a popular “scandalous” film of the time), that it’s been highly anticipated by Koreans AND Cannes

Director Im Sang-Soo is clearly a devotee of Hitchcock, so the anti-elitist furor goes down with spooky, spine-tingling panache. — Rachel Abramowitz from LA Times

Im Sang-soo’s version, far from being a masterpiece, is not even subtle.  – Maggie Lee from The Hollywood Reporter

The use of colour too is wonderful, the palette being deliberately limited, with chilly whites and deep ocean blues dominating in the emotionally dysfunctional home. The Housemaid has the narrative meat to complement its extraordinary visual garnish. — Paul Martin of Indiemovies

임상수감독의 전작, <바람난 가족>과 <그때 그 사람들>들을 개인적으로 한국영화가 잊지 말아야 할 명작으로 꼽지만 <하녀>에서는 박찬욱감독의 손길이 자꾸만 그리워졌다. 절정이 싹둑 제외된 느낌이다. 극의 긴장감이 가장 최고조로 치솟았어야 할 부분에서 결말이 극단적으로 찾아왔다. Naver Blog

Waitaminute, I have a sudden question: I cannot find the schedule of screenings for Cannes-  perhaps they screen many many times to accommodate for many many audiences?! No way.


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